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How does the Check-In work?

By checking in you tell your friends where you are at the moment. To make a check-in you need our iPhone app and have to be at the location.
iPhone app download
Check in each time you are at a cool location
  • Collect points
  • Receive gifts
  • Become president
  • Recommend locations
Share activities with your friends

How does the President concept work?

You can become President of a location if you checked in the most during the last 60 days. Your name then appears on the location page which makes the other users jealous. A lot of venues have special offerings for their President like small benefits or gifts.
Check in at a location via your mobile phone
The user having the most Check-Ins becomes the President of the location
President receives a gift

What can I do with my 'Rewards'?

Rewards are virtual and real rewards for regular activities on friendticker. To receive one you have to fulfill some specific Check-Ins. Have a look at the details for each of them.
Check in each time you are at a cool location
If you have a specific number of Check-Ins at a location you get an reward.
You can exchange the reward for a real gift at this venue.